RMI custom adapter - delete an attribute when operation end
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Alon Kendler
2017-06-01 08:19:25 UTC
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I'm in the process of implementing a new RMI based adapter
I have a need to delete/clear an account attribute in ISIM when a modify operation is ending

I have a multi value attribute for "groups" and an attribute for "default group"
I need when the "groups" attribute last value is deleted (only the "groups" attribute is changed when the request is sent from ISIM to the RMI adapter) to also clear the "default group" value

the CUSTOM ADAPTERS DEVELOPER’S GUIDE (p. 49-50) has an example how to override values when a request is ending

sadly this is not working for me
I tried the following:


what am I doing wrong?
2017-06-08 20:53:30 UTC
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I think the requirement is the one that is a bit off.
ISIM is working based on a provisioning policy. If you remove any value that does not comply with the provisioning policy, then ISIM will 'enforce' that value back. If you set the policy to 'default' then that value does not matter.
So, I wonder you are looking at a wrong issue.
Rgds. YN.