How to Access Delta Engine Parameters
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2018-01-11 12:53:26 UTC
Hopefully this'll be easy...

I'm trying to do scripted access the parameters on the Delta tab of a JDBC connector. No problem getting the "normal" connection parameters, but the stuff that's set on the Delta tab isn't cooperating.

Like this (in the After Initialize tab for my test--ignoring that there's some undesired automatic wrapping to the lines as I paste them in here...):
task.logmsg("The Table Neme is: "+thisConnector.connector.getParam("jdbcTable"));
task.logmsg("The Unique Attribute is: "+thisConnector.connector.getParam("uniqueAttribute"));

Yields (in the console when I run the AL):
06:40:07,021 INFO - The Table Name is: INDIV_USER
06:40:07,037 INFO - The Unique Attribute is: null

...but the Unique Attribute set up on the Delta tab is 'USERID'. The AL, including the Delta stuff, works fine, by the way.

I'm gathering that the Delta parameters aren't typical connector parameters. If that's true, then what are they, and, more importantly, how can I access them via script?

2018-01-11 13:40:45 UTC
Never mind! Figured it out. This does it:

conConfig = thisConnector.connector.getConfiguration();
deltaConfig = conConfig.getDeltaConfig();
deltaUniqueAttr = deltaConfig.getUniqueAttribute();
task.logmsg("The Unique Attribute is: "+deltaUniqueAttr);