LDAP search sort multiple attributes
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2021-02-02 16:47:35 UTC
Hi there,
On TDI v7.1.1 FP8, LDAP Connector connecting to TDS v6.3, where Equality, Ordering, and SubString are configured, it seems that LDAP search with multiple attributes sorting does not work.
Sort Attribute: sn --> work
Sort Attribute: givenName --> work
Sort Attribute: -sn --> minus for descending sort, does not work
Sort Attribute: sn givenName --> space delimited, does not work
Is it syntax error, such as using different delimiter? Or other avenue is recommended?
Thanks. YN.
Jens Thomassen
2021-02-03 02:32:01 UTC
Currently, you cannot do search with multiple attributes in the LDAP Connector.
If needed, contact your IBM TDI L2 representative and ask them to help you with a feature request.

To do a descending sort, add this line of code e.g. in the 'After Initialization' hook in your LDAP Connector,
or before you want sorting to be applied:

thisConnector.getConnector().setSortControl('sn', false, 0); // Parameters: attrName, ascending, sizeLimit

This will be used until removed or changed. You can remove the sort control using
thisConnector.getConnector().setSortControl(null, false, 0);