LDIF file processing
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2017-06-22 11:31:35 UTC
Hi everyone,
Is it possible to modify ldif file that is used as feed data on the fly by TDI?

For example, I got one entry, one of its attributes is not comply the rule, so I should change it in the file for the following processing...
I've mentioned that File Connector has only Read and Add modes and I found nothing with updating the content of the file(

Thanks in advance.
2017-06-22 16:47:39 UTC
It seems this is a basic question with a twist in the end, but luckily, I can only answer basic stuff too...

Q1: How to change data on the fly?
A1: You can easily manipulate the data (on the fly) using java script on the connector side during the mapping process. For example: val=conn.getString("givenName"); val=<something that fix the data>; ret.value=val;

Q2: How to update content of the file?
A2: I am not sure why you need to update the file, if you can change the data on the fly (Q1), but if you want to update a file before you consume it, then I would use multiple AL type of approach. There are methods and functions from one AL to call other AL, you know.

Rgds. YN.