Connecting multiple connectors
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2019-02-27 12:43:33 UTC

I'm new to SDI, so excuse me if those are bad questions.

How can you connect multiple connectors, so you use output from one as input to other, and than you would use output from this one in a third one ...

For example.

I use HTTPClientConnector to call REST API. This call returns (among other fields) field "id". Now I need to call another REST API, "id" being a part of the URL.

For example, I call https://hostname/rest/a
I get JSON, and the value of attribute "id" is 12345.
Now I need to call a new URL, https://hotname/rest/12345/b. How do I do that?

Thank you.
Eddie Hartman
2019-02-27 17:07:53 UTC
Absolutely. I would suggest working through the Getting Started guide (2 hours) to get insights into what you can do and how: