how to spawn timer connector and data flow
(too old to reply)
2019-01-25 18:37:48 UTC

I am trying to develop an Assembly line to run monitoring connectors in data flow.

The issue is -> i have multiple connectors based on time.
For eg.
Connector1 - i want to run at 12:15
and another Connector2 - I want to run at 12:17.

The problem is Connector1 process runs for around 20 minutes because of which Connector2's timer schedule is missed.

Is there way to run the Timer in a multi-thread so that I can run the scheduler every minute (even if the data flow takes more than 1 minute).
Eddie Hartman
2019-01-26 22:31:53 UTC
Yes each AL is a Java thread, so you can start multiple to run simultaneously. Have a look at the AssemblyLine FC or the system.startAL() call